I wanted to give myself a little photography challenge – to use just my 35mm lens and to shoot in black and white.  So I took a trip down to Highfields Park yesterday afternoon and had a wander round, just me and my camera.  It was COLD.  It’s the middle of May and it was only 8 degrees – what’s that all about?!

I don’t produce a great deal of black and white photos – I like colour – so it’s quite challenging for me to do something like this.  What I really want to do is bring out the colour in everything, and not every shot lends itself to black and white anyway.  So I’ve picked out the ones I thought were best suited to it, and here they are.

This is the first post on my new blog that I’ve done for the Sisterhood Stories, which is a blog circle formed by a group of creative and talented women from around the world.  For the next post in the circle, please click here to see Kay’s post.