Having images of yourself on your website is an essential part of the branding for a small business like yours. It helps you build trust with people when they can see clear images of you, they feel like they’ve taken the first step towards getting to know you. But I don’t need to keep banging on about the importance of good personal branding photography, if you’re reading this you probably already know all that. So, as these sessions are proving pretty popular now, I thought it would be apt to put together a list of tips to help you prepare for your shoot once you’ve booked.


I’ll do this and invite you to it, or maybe you already have one that you can share with me. Use it to collect photos that mirror your branding – include your brand colours and shapes, as well as headshots, ‘action’ photos and lifestyle products.


Make notes of where you’ll want to use your photos. Think about sizes too (banners, square, white space for text etc.)


If you feel great about how you look, you’ll feel more relaxed and confident about being photographed. Remember to still be YOU though! If you usually wear minimal makeup, don’t slap it on or you’ll just feel uncomfortable. Maybe just a bit of extra eye makeup and a subtle lippy so you don’t look washed out. Pay attention to your hands and nails too as it’s always good to get close ups of ‘hands at work’.


We do want to be authentic, but we also want you to look polished and professional, so give it a clean and clear out (or hide!) any clutter that’s not relevant to your work.


Your workspace is the obvious choice but also consider other locations for variety of images and to help connect with your clients. Do you have a favourite coffee shop? A garden office? Work at your kitchen counter sometimes or in the garden? Maybe a favourite place you go to with your family. All of these places will help to portray the ‘real you’.


A brand shoot is about showcasing you and your product or service, and props will help you bring your story to life. Depending on what your business is, think about incorporating some of the following things:

  • flowers
  • coffee/tea (in your favourite mug)
  • phone/laptop
  • artist materials
  • notebooks & pens
  • plants
  • business cards


Decide what you’re going to wear and make sure it fits, is comfortable, and you feel great in it! Consider a change of outfit or at least a change of top. If you wear layers and have scarves and jewellery to hand, that can give a different look without having to change completely. Steer clear of logos or patterns that will draw attention away from your face, and think about adding in your brand colours.


The shoot will be fairly fluid but you should also have some ideas of particular images that you need. Your Pinterest board will help with this but some examples are shots of your workspace, of you at work, your products, and personal items that reflect your personality.


Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before so you feel confident and refreshed.

Don’t be scared, I promise it won’t be awful! And I’m only at the end of an email if you have any questions at all.

Personal branding and headshot images in Derbyshire