I recently heard the phrase “A good headshot is the new handshake” – and it really is!  So much business is done online these days, often without even meeting the person you’re dealing with, that it’s essential that you have a headshot that reflects your personality, your brand, and is true to you.  When a person sees a good quality picture of you on your website, they start to feel a trust in you that can’t be conveyed with just words, and that gives you a great place to start.  This doesn’t just apply to business owners, but also to anyone looking for a job or career change – you’ll want your LinkedIn profile picture to look professional, to project that all important first impression, won’t you?  Or would you rather hang on to that blurred, orange tinted, half-your-face-obscured picture of you with half a dozen drunken friends in a nightclub 5 years ago?  It’s a no brainer!

Honestly – I’m fed up of seeing these dire profile pics all over LinkedIn and Twitter.  And Facebook.  And Google+.  And any other social media platform you care to mention!  And even professional websites!  My headshot sessions are affordable, relaxed and I’m sure will help you to get the job or the new clients that you’re looking for.  I know your time is precious so I’ll work with you to nail the right impression of yourself and/or your business in a shoot lasting up to an hour so as not to take you from your work for too long, and after the session you’ll be able to choose your three favourite images from a selection of at least 15.  If you prefer, I can create a bespoke package for you with headshots, images of your workplace and/or products (particularly suited to creative types) and of you at work (“doing your thing”).  Small group sessions are also available.
So to sum things up, here are 5 reasons why you should have professional headshots:
  1. Your current profile picture is dark, blurred, has 3 of your friends and your 2 cats in it (and was probably taken with your iPhone)
  2. Your current profile pic is more than 18 months old (you should start thinking about booking a session now)
  3. It enables prospective clients to start building trust in you, employers to see that you’re smart, professional and keen, and potential dates to see that you’re drop dead gorgeous.
  4. It’s an investment.  My headshot sessions are very affordable anyway (currently £119), but when you think about how many social media sites you’ll use your photos on, it works out to an even better deal.
  5. For business owners, it can convey your brand, whether you want a traditional, corporate feel or something more contemporary and relaxed.
 Some kind words from recent headshot sessions:

“I needed to refreshed my business and LinkedIn photographs and so I contacted Sara after seeing her portfolio. She is an excellent photographer and quickly understood what I needed. 

I would recommend her to any small business looking for professional results.”
Lynn Jackson of LJT Analysis

“Thank you so much for putting me at ease, I was very nervous but everything went great.”
Kerrie Slade – Contemporary Beadwork

If you’d like to book a session, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  I’m always happy to talk things through with you before you commit to anything, by email or phone.  I don’t work from a studio so my sessions are always on location – either in a public place (Wollaton Hall is popular but I’d like a change!), your home or workplace.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
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