Yesterday I trotted off to the Christmas market at the Roundhouse in Derby, organised by the aptly named  I’d been looking forward to this for ages, having been to the summer market earlier this year, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Loads of beautiful gifts, lots of them handmade, and some AWESOME food, especially the Spanish potatoes from Fresh Basil.  At least that was the only food I sampled, but the rest of it was just gorgeous too!!  I knew it would be packed so there was no way I wanted my DSLR hanging round my neck, so took my little Fuji X100 with me.  Looks cool but I’m still trying to get used to it!!  😉

So here are a few pics I took yesterday of my favourite stalls, I did manage to buy a couple of things but I’m not saying what – you never know, it might be your Christmas present!