About me…

Photography has always been part of my life. For many years, it was the part that lay in the form of a point and shoot camera at the bottom of my handbag, being dragged out to take pictures of whatever subject caught my eye. Although I bought books on photography, I only leafed through them to look at the pictures – and really only ever left whatever camera I was using on automatic. But in 2009, I bought a bridge camera – and I fell completely in love with photography. I bought my first DSLR just 6 months later – and that was it; I was hooked. I couldn’t put that camera down. It came everywhere with me and I was on constant watch for subjects to shoot.

Fast forward to today… My camera is never on auto; instead of looking for subjects, I look for the light for my subjects.  And, I get paid to shoot beautiful products – and I LOVE it!

Here are some other things I love:

  • My 12 year old daughter who I love to pieces – although she often drives me to distraction!
  • Cities. I am a city girl. I love the hustle, bustle, the shops and the people. I love the lights of a city – especially the ones around Christmas time.
  • And I LOVE Christmas. Everyone complains it comes earlier every year – but not me! It could never be too early for me.
  • The countryside. Just because I’m a city girl doesn’t mean there isn’t a huge space in my heart for a country walk, preferably one ending in a cosy pub serving good food and real ale.
  • Summer evenings – especially the few we get when we can sit outside in the evening sun with a g&t.
  • Stationery. Enough said.

Thanks for coming to my site, and for wanting to find out a little more about me. This is all just me, Sara, an ordinary girl with an extraordinary love for taking photographs.

Sara x

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